UL: Underwriters Laboratory, 752


(A) Minimum Measured Velocity
NIJ: National Institute of Justice, 0108.01 (B) Ambient Temperature Only
CEN: European Standard (C) 11.4 cm Triangular Patter
DIN: German Standards, 52290 (D) Military Ammunition, All Other Commercial
STANAG: NATO Standards (E) Corners & Center of 11.4 Square Pattern
    (F) Levels I,II, IIA & IIIA based on1 of 2
LCCJ: Lead Core Copper Jacket   Required Calibers of Ballistic Threat
JSP: Jacketed Soft Point
LWC: Lead Wad Cutter
LCSJ: Lead Core Steel Jacket
SCCJ: Steel Core Copper Jacket
AP: Armor Piercing
SG: Shotgun
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