Armored SWAT Truck (Pit-Bull)



(Based on a Ford F550)

  • Protection against 7.62 x39, 5.56 x 45, 7.62 x 51, M193, .30-06, SS121 & more
  • TRANSPARENT: 1.5" (39 mm) To 3.0'' (76.2 mm) thick, polycarbonate / glass
  • OPAQUE: 3/8" (9.52 mm) thick, harden ballistic steel plate;500 brinell hardness
  • Windshield - split design In 2 sections with reinforced center support
  • Complete Protection All Around Including Floor & Roof
  • Lift Up roof hatch with the support and a ladder to climb up to
  • Viewing area window facing on all sides including rear
  • Run-Flat tires including spare
  • Protection all around including floor & roof
  • Seating arrangement (per clients specifications)
  • Interior layout per each client's specifications
  • Special patented police lighting (LED)
  • Side standing platforms with step ladder to reach roof top
  • More per clients specifications


Height: 96 in. (244 cm.)
Length: 260 in. (660 cm.)
Width: 94 in. (239 cm.)
Wheel Base: 165/189/201 in
Armored Weight: 16,700lbs. (7,580 kg.)
Ground Clearance: 16-17 in. ( 40-43 cm.)
Engine: 6.0 L. V8 Turbo-Diesel
Transmission: 5 Speed Automatic
Based On : Ford F-550 XL, 4x4
Tires: 22.5 in. (with run-flats)
Interior Capacity: 10-14 (More for stand-up)      
PDF Specs On Base Vehicle

Radiation Search Tools - Guardian 2 - DXS
Portable Radiation Search Tool 2 is an all in one tool that is utilized for interdiction, searches, check points, delineation and remediation of nuclear weapons and dirty bombs. The Guardian is a field proven instrument for the War on Terror. It is a high sensitivity military grade portable neutron and gamma ray measurement system for detection of special nuclear materials and other radioactive sources. The system is contained in a water resistant inner case that includes a 500 cm2 PUMA glass fiber neutron panel and 3X3" NAL detector. Inner case is placed in a military style ergonomic backpack. A 1024 channel gamma spectroscopy system provides nuclide identification. An integral GPS receiver with separate antenna provides differential GPS information. The data are stored with the date, time & radiation data that can then be imported to a GIS software package that can plot the route and display the radiation levels. Unit is also equipped with wireless technology for viewing information via pocket PC, Palm or PC at the command center for real time monitoring. The unit is operational & sensitive to detect materials from inside the response vehicle. NUCSAFE: Solid - State thermal neutron detection, available today as commercial off the shelf technology, coupled with gamma ray detectors can provide compelling solutions for detection of SNM and radiological materials in real world conditions

Chemical Detection Tools - HAZMATCADTM

Plus Hazardous Material Chemical Agent Detectors - utilizes Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology to detect and classify trace amount of Chemical Warfare Agents, including Nerve & Blister agents. For maximum flexibility, the HAXMATCADTM can also be configured to detect Phosgene or Hydrogen Cyanide. The tool detects both Chemical Warfare Agents and selected Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICS). Combining proven SAW technology with electro -chemical sensors, the unit provides simultaneous detection of Nerve and Blister agents, Hydride and Halogen gases for a total of 6 discrete treat- detection capabilities.

Biological Identification - Idaho Technology

Ruggedized Advanced Pathogen Identification Device (RAPID) is a portable, impact resistant package with distinctive software allowing simple "push button" use for field identification of dangerous pathogens and bio threats quickly, safely, and accurately. Some specific threats that are detected include Anthrax, Brucellosis, Tularemia, Plague, Botulism, Listeriosis, E. coli 0157, Salmonella and Camplyobacter Other - High security storage compartment, steel construction with HD lock for CBRNE medical supplies. Communications console, front or rear, up to three separate radio systems (Radio equipment not included). Three built-in storage compartments with power plugs for detection equipment & more.


Transparent Armor

  • Window Glass is DOT approved & rated to defeat NIJ Level III.
  • Glass is 1.4" thick, no spall clad polycarbonate.
  • Windshield is a two piece module approx. 20 1/2" x 36".
  • Front door glass is 18" x 26" x 3" x 17 3/8" x 17 /4".
  • Side windows (two per side) 8" x 18".
  • Rear windows (one in each door) 8" x 14".
  • Side and rear glass is tinted.

Door Locks

  • Doors equipped w/ rotary latch locks that meet al FMVSS specs
  • L shaped handle mounted in exterior side rotates when lock
  • Left rear is lock in place by 2 point slam lock w/ interior handler
  • Right rear is electrically operated with a switch on the front

Windshield Visor

  • Doors with rotary latch locks that meet all FMVSS specs
  • Bolted to welded on roof side plates over hangs the roof 6 in.
  • Windshield visor is constructed of galvanized steel plate 1/8"
  • Running lights, go light, radio antennas, and strobe lights

Front Bumper

  • Front bumper is a ram type with weld on ballistic grill guard
  • The grill guard is constructed from 3/8" ballistic plate
  • (Adequate air flow for the cooling system is maintained).
  • Primary structure of the bumper is 12" structural steel channel
  • The bumper conforms to the basic shape of the OEM bumper.
  • The front bumper has (4) tow hooks.
  • Engine plates are bolted in place and removable.
  • Maintenance access for checking fluid levels is maintained.
  • Storage Compartment
  • Storage box is built into the center section of the front bumper
  • 10" D. x 12" H. x 30" W.
  • Locking storage compartments are under each rear bench seat.

Gun Ports

  • There are (6) gun ports that meet NIJ Level 3.
  • In each door & 1 between the glass on both rear walls.
  • Approx. 4 1/2" of clear space when gun ports are opened

Exterior Grab Bars

  • Stainless steel grab bars are attached to rear doors and above
  • The rear running board on each side.
  • Roof rails are mounted on standoffs on both sides rear & roof
  • Grab bar is made w/rubber inserts for a good gripping surface
  • All hardware is chrome plated.

Electrical Wiring

  • Electrical equipment is powered from a terminal strip.
  • Each function is protected by circuit breakers.
  • Wiring is concealed by Conduit loom or steel panels.
  • All doors are keyed the same

    Cab Doors

    • Door have overlapping armor (3/8" B.R. steel).
    • Doors are sealed with weather -tight rubber gaskets.
    • Drivers & passenger doors are 33" wide & open rearward.
    • Stainless steel handles are mounted on the interior
    • Can be used as a step to the roof when the door is open.

    Rear Doors

    • Rear door opening is 46".
    • Doors have overlapping armor (3/8" B.R. steel).
    • Doors are sealed with weather -tight rubber gaskets.
    • Steel handle mounted on the interior of the right rear

    Climate Controls

    • Chassis equipped w/ OEM air conditioning system.
    • Additional cooling & heating for 12 people (44,500
    • BTU/hr of made cooling) is supplied by a separate system up of the following components:
      A.Red Dot 5045 evaporator mounted behind the seat
      B.Red Dot 9730 double electric fan condenser mounted to the passenger side frame rail.
    • Compressor, mount & drive installed to the engine


    • A 6" x 10" mirror is mounted to the front fenders.
    • Mirror are painted the body color.

    Emergency Lights

    • Strobe, spot lights, wigwags, back flash, siren P/A, mag
    • Rechargeable/stealth back up/ brake module shall be installed to customer specifications.
    • Mounting surfaces on the front & rear of the outside of the vehicle outside of the armor plate is provide for easy installation of additional exterior 7 Interior dome lights  w/both day & night capabilities are installed in the interior.
    • Separate switches on console control the lights.


    • DuPont Imron 5000 Polyurethane Enamel with etching & sanding primer used on the exterior.
    • Zoletone with clear coat is used on the interior.
    • A spray on non slip coating is applied to the interior floor, roof, roof hatch, rear bumper

    Run Flats Tire Insets

    • Composite inserts are installed on all wheels & spare
    • Command seat is high-back cloth seat with swivel base.
    • Rear bench seats with back rest for 10 officers are on each side  of the rear compartment.
    • Grab straps are positioned over each seat

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