SWAT Truck (Boxer®)

Based on a Ford F-550, XL, 4 x 4 truck



  • Complete B-6+ (CEN) Overlapping Ballistic Passenger Compartment Protection System
  • Vehicle Cab & Passenger Compartment are made of advanced double-hulled ballistic steel armor construction,
  • Provides extreme protection against a wide variety of ballistic & explosive threats.
  • B-6+ (CEN) 44mm multi layer ballistic glass (certified) with anti-spall layer
  • Ballistic steel plate overlap along edges. (B-7 glass available as an upgrade)
  • B-6+ (CEN) Ballistic steel armor plating (certified)
  • (B-7 steel available as an upgrade)
  • Ballistic steel floor explosion protection - ¼" thickness
  • Front & rear roof hatches for emergency exits & /or firing positions (made of B-6+ Ballistic Steel)
  • Protection for 90º & 45º shots including fuel tank, battery & engine and Electronic Control Module)
  • All Terrain Mud Tires (including spare tire)
  • Five (5) Run-flat tire inserts/devices (includes spare tire)
  • 32-Gallon / 121 Liter Fuel Tank (second 40-Gallon tank available as option for double the fuel capacity)
  • Operable front windows, with 6"- 8" of opening
  • All critical points upgraded & reinforced, including pillars, posts, hinges, chassis points & suspension
  • Integrated Heavy Duty Running Boards
  • Heavy Duty Air Conditioning and Heating System
  • Limited Slip Axle
  • Heavy Duty Suspension System Upgrade - including Double Ranch Shocks on each wheel
  • Protected Fuel Tank Protected Battery Compartment
  • Front Bull Bar, with Reinforced Ram Bumpers, front and rear
  • Front Spot Light/Fog Light Package
  • Ballisticom® Outside Intercom System, including Siren
  • AM/FM-CD Stereo System
  • Telescoping Outside Mirrors
  • Radiator Protection
  • Emergency Strobe Lights
  • Wire mesh tailpipe protection
  • Rear area seats are spring-loaded, and automatically fold up when not in use
  • Rear area to be used for cargo, stretchers, or flat area for secure footing
  • Open rear hatch is used for observation or as a firing position, during movement.
  • Front and rear tow-hook assemblies
  • Optional High Capacity Power Systems - for communication and computer systems
  • Optional Built-In Fire Extinguishing Systems - for engine compartment and vehicle undercarriage
  • Optional Firing Ports - available to qualified end users
  • Small, Medium and Large Wheel Base versions available for 10 to 16 passengers
  • Custom applications and versions can be designed for specific needs and missions
  • Additional options available by request


Height: 92 in. (234 cm.)
Length: 312 in. (792 cm.)
Width: 96 in. (244 cm.)
Engine: 6.0L. PowerStroke V8 Turbo-Diesel
Transmission: 5-Speed TorqShift® Heavy Duty Automatic
Power: 325hp/405hp Top Speed 105 mph
Tires: 22.5 in. (with run-flats

PDF Specs On Base Vehicle
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