Armored CIT Truck Ford F-550


  • Protection against high power rifles such as 7.62 x 39, 5.56 x 45, 7.62 x 51 and M80 ball
  • Available in a variety of armor levels and floor plan configurations as determined by customer
  • All Original glass will be replaced with multi-layered ballistic flat glass and/or one piece flat/curved windshield
  • Armor plated fuel tank, rear of dash board and fender interior
  • Exterior, including window frames & modules are armored with steel ballistic composite material
  • Interior is armored with ballistic composite/steel material with overlapping door, pillar post at windows
  • Gun ports with interior breakable lexan shield located onto six (6) strategic positions
  • Ceiling interior will be armored with armor plate overlaid with fine quality carpeting
  • Floor interior: Cab compartment will be lined with ballistic composite material overlaid with rubber
  • Messenger/cargo compartment will be overlaid with Aluminum checker plate with special rubber underlay
  • Reinforcement of load bearing pillars, door retainers installed on driver/passenger and messenger doors
  • Reinforced hinges on all doors together with upgrading vehicle suspension system
  • Fiberglass insulation throughout all walls & ceiling, full bulkhead between driver & messenger
  • Compartment w/armored window, auxiliary air conditioning & heating unit installed in messenger compartment,
  • 2 Bucket seats in messenger compartment complete with seat belts, inside reading lights
  • Security features & accessories: Auto lock on driver & passenger doors, pin type throw bolts and security bar,
  • Electromechanical lock on messenger side entry door/security lock cylinder on driver door
  • First aid kit/fire extinguishers
  • Emergency warning triangle, antenna with wiring to cabin, exterior silent warning lights
  • Extended rear ram bumper w/bumperettes & aluminum step plate; extended factory front, bumper including
  • Aluminum checker plate cover & rubber impact blocks, gui debars w/convex mirrors,
  • Push bar complete w/louvers as special radiator protection
  • Other optional items are available upon request


Height: 97 in. (246 cm.) with light bar
Length: 237 in. (602 cm.)
Width: 115 in. (292 cm.) with mirrors
Wheel Base: 141 in. (358 cm.)
Ground: 12-17 in. ( 30- 43 cm.)  
Engine: 6.0 L. V8 T. Diesel or 6.8 L. V10 Gas
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual or Automatic
Weight 15,000 - 18,000 lbs (Based on level)
Tires: 22.5 in. (With run flat inserts)

Base Vehicle Specs
  Tel:  1.703.471.0002

570 Herndon Parkway, Herndon, Virginia, 20170, USA

Tel: 1.703.471.0009
  Fax: 1.703.650.1020

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